Ms. Cynthia Dowell Folk

Cynthia Dowell Folk passed away peacefully on May 18, 2021, in Marietta, GA, after a long illness. She was born in Bristol, Tennessee, on November 29, 1946, to Donald and Mary Harris Dowell. Shortly after her birth, her mother died, and she was placed in the care of her beloved maternal grandparents, Grayson and Josephine Harris, who reared her. She graduated from Slater High School, and while there, participated in many of the school’s organizations and activities. She had a lovely voice and often sang solos at school performances and the John Wesley.

Methodist Church, where she was a member. After graduating from high school, Cynthia began working at the Social Security Administration in Bristol. After the death of her grandparents, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, and continued working at the Social Security Administration until

her retirement after 40 years of being there. After retirement, she participated in activities at several Senior Citizen Centers and was particularly fond of the arts and crafts classes.

Cynthia was an eternal optimist and could find good in anybody and anything. She will be remembered for her vibrant spirit, strong work ethic, ability to love unconditionally, and sense of humor. The number of people who followed her updates on Facebook and were invested in her

life experiences is a testament to her ability to create and nourish meaningful relationships over so many years and through the many chapters of her life. On her birthday every year via her Facebook account, she helped fundraise for organizations, such as The Humane Society,

PushBlack media company, and the American Heart Association.

Among the family and friends who she leaves behind are her cousins, Nichole Morris Fraction (Corey), John Byron Brooks, and Ahkeeia Sherri Cisneros. Left with a significant void in their lives and hearts are two of her devoted, lifelong best friends, Maisah Robinson (Antar Smith) and Iris McMillan (Franklin). Dearest Cynthia, as we mourn your passing, we celebrate your life. You were an inspiration because you put God first in your life and lived according to His will. You lived with humility, perseverance, and grace like no other. Always candid, your honesty was

only surpassed by your patience, love, and willingness to forgive. Every moment shared with you was a blessing. Be at peace now, knowing you have done enough. You will always be a light in the hearts of those who were fortunate to know and love you.

In accordance with her request, Cynthia was buried at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA, where she had a natural or “green” burial, which sustains the environment by

saving land and creating significant nature preserves.

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