Ms. Elizabeth Colette Clark

Elizabeth Colette Clark was born on January 04, 1950 in Roanoke, Virginia. She was the ninth child born to Edgar Lewis Clark and Ruth (Cansler) Clark. She was the youngest of nine siblings and as the baby girl, her siblings, friends, and neighbors affectionately called her “Be’Be’“. Elizabeth Colette was an adorable little girl and all who knew her have many loving and fond memories.

Along with her siblings, Elizabeth Colette was raised in St. Paul Methodist Church where she was taught to put God first in her life. She was one of the first to integrate Jefferson High School as part of the desegregation act. However, Elizabeth graduated from Lucy Addison High School on June 7, 1968, in Roanoke. She continued her education at Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 1973. Elizabeth Colette had a loving and nurturing spirit which enhanced her ability to work in the sociology field for many years.

In 1980, she and Frank Cox gave birth to a lovely daughter and named her Faith Hope Clark. She lived in Richmond, for a short period before moving back to Roanoke, where her devoted parents helped her raise and love her daughter in grace, beauty and the Word of God.

Elizabeth comes from a family of motor people who enjoy traveling from coast to coast. She began traveling at a very young age because her father worked for the railroad. The desire to travel was in her blood so she changed careers to fulfill her passion for driving. Elizabeth received her CDL license in April of 1995 and started her new career in commercial driving. She loved being on the road and enjoyed her many years of driving and feeling free.

Elizabeth was a wonderful person, who loved her family and friends. She was a person that didn’t want to bother anyone and cared about everyone she came in contact with. She spent her life uplifting and encouraging everyone around her with her warm and helpful personality, her personality spoke for itself. She loved music and she loved to dance. She loved sparkles and glamour. She was a very humorous lady; she would say something, do something, or sometimes just the expression on her face would cause you to laugh. God used her life for His will in many ways to reach others for his kingdom. She will be dearly missed but not forgotten.

Elizabeth Colette was preceded in death by her brothers, Michael Anthony Clark and Edgar Napoleon Clark.

She is survived by her loving daughter Faith Hope Jackson and son-in-love Robert Jackson; sisters, Ethel Patricia Hunt (Roanoke, Va), Angela Byanthia Pendleton (Rockville MD), Reba Delois Wilson (Palm Coast, FL); brothers, Fredrick Douglas (Poughkeepsie NY), Robert Joe (Buffalo, NY), Orville Sonny Clark (Roanoke, VA); as well as a host of nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, great-grands, cousins and a host of extended family and friends.

One of our precious leaves have fallen from our family tree … always remember as long as we live, she too shall live, for she is a part of us, and we will always remember her.

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